• Thrillers with a hint of magic.


    Science Fiction with a

    streak of rebellion.


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    worlds of Steve Ruskin.


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  • Trina Piper Thrillers

    Action-packed thrillers filled with historical mysteries and a hint of magic.

    The Newton Cipher

    Mysterious murders terrify Cambridge…

    An ancient plague threatens London once more…

    A coded manuscript holds the key, if it can be deciphered in time.

    Scepter of the Sun King

    A relic recovered from the ashes of Notre Dame de Paris...

    A relic that could topple Europe…

    A relic worth killing for.


  • ExoRok Rebels

    Fate made them a team.

    Tyranny made them rebels.

    War will make them heroes ...

    ... if it doesn't tear them apart.

    A Deal with the Devil's Broker (Prequel)

    Some spacer jobs just aren't worth dying for...

    Prometheus Outbound (Book 1)

    Noemi never wanted to be a rebel leader...

    ...but like any spacer, she rarely gets what she wants.

    Asgard Reborn (Book 2)

    Noemi just escaped certain death...

    ...and that only made things worse.

  • Anthologies and Short Stories

    Here are some of the anthologies I'm in, and some short stories.

    To learn more, check out my Amazon Author Page.



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  • About Steve

     Steve Ruskin writes thrillers with a hint of magic, and science fiction with a streak of rebellion.

    He is also an award-winning historian with a PhD in history and philosophy of science.

    He's been a professor, a mountain bike guide, and a number of things in between.

  • Conventions and Media

    I have been a speaker and panelist at fan conventions, a subject-matter expert for major media outlets, and a guest on some pretty cool podcasts.